OneWebDay Joins Forces with Mozilla Drumbeat – 364 Extra Days to Build an Open Web!

April 6th, 2010  |  by  |  Published in Uncategorized

For the year that I have served as the Executive Director of OneWebDay, our community has never ceased to amaze me.  You have shown endless dedication, creativity, openness, and humor.   Over the last four years, OneWebDay volunteers have engaged thousands of new participants and built a deeply committed community of open web advocates, from the local to the global level.

I’ve spent most of my time with OneWebDay listening to as many of you as I can reach.  Here’s the number one thing I hear from you: “Our OneWebDay was amazing!  Let’s do more!  What’s next?”

Since OneWebDay 2009, the Board of Directors and I have been working hard to answer that question.  We’ve taken a long look at the organization – its history, impact, and challenges.  We’ve investigated every opportunity and made some tough decisions.  Personally, I wanted to find an answer that lives up to your energy and potential and honors your deep commitment to building an open web that is accessible to everyone.

Today we are announcing some great news and a powerful new opportunity for the OneWebDay community.

Starting today, OneWebDay has joined up with Drumbeat, a new initiative of the Mozilla Foundation that shares all of OneWebDay’s goals and values.

Drumbeat is a global community of people using web technology to understand, participate and take control of their online lives.   Like OneWebDay, it’s about everyday internet users playing a role in keeping the web open through projects and events they imagine and create themselves.  Unlike OneWebDay, though, is it’s going to be happening every single day and with some powerful infrastructure behind it.

OneWebDay was a great start.  It has helped thousands of people and many organizations, including Mozilla, realize that creating the best future for the web requires broad public participation in addition to open technology.  Now we have an opportunity to provide the OneWebDay community with a stronger platform for its energy and ideals.  For their part, leaders at Mozilla are very excited about the diversity and local organizing experience that the OneWebDay community brings to Drumbeat.

One day comes and goes, but a drumbeat goes on, which is why, with this new relationship, OneWebDay will retire its brand and invite all of its people to join forces with Drumbeat’s growing community.   I have joined the Mozilla team with the top priority of making sure our OneWebDay community makes this transition and takes full advantage of Drumbeat’s amazing resources.

Our OneWebDay community brings diversity, great project ideas, and local organizing experience to Drumbeat, and Mozilla wants everyone to join – now!  You can get involved by:

•    Signing up for the Drumbeat community e-mail list to get involved in shaping Drumbeat at this early stage.  To receive Drumbeat updates and newsletters, sign up at Note that Drumbeat isn’t yet fully launched. You might notice some rough edges, but this is the perfect time to shape it!
•    Joining a project that excites you.  Right off the bat, we recommend joining the WebMadeMovies project, an “open source documentary about the Web, by the Web.”  To start off, they are looking for story idea submissions about the open web, and I know you have great stories.
•    Proposing a new project. Learn more here.
•    Planning a local Drumbeat event.  We’re working on the plan for ongoing events, including an annual Drumbeat Festival in the fall.  If you can come to Toronto (April 23-24) or Berlin (May 7-8), join us for a two-day Drumbeat event organizer training experience.  Some travel expenses may be covered if you contact us soon.  Contact Nathaniel James to learn more.
•    Finally, Mozilla, Creative Commons, and the Wikimedia Foundation are launching the Be Open campaign for the month of June.  We will be making announcements soon on how you can get involved in promoting the Open Web during the campaign!

Next week, we will host two conference calls to talk through the transition, gather your ideas and solicit your advice.  This your chance to talk with me, Mark Surman of Mozilla, and a number of OneWebDay board members.  Please check out call details and sign up to join us on one of the calls.  I’m also happy to set up one-to-one calls with any OneWebDay stakeholder.

We are excited.  Mozilla is excited.  We think you’ll be excited, too.  This partnership is a perfect next step and will help us truly make the OneWebDay vision a reality – 365 days a year!

Thanks for everything you do.  You have been my inspiration and offered me so much support.  Working with Drumbeat, I look forward to working with you to realize a truly universal, open One Web in the months and years to come.


We’ve tried to anticipate your most pressing questions.  Feel free to post comments and questions below.

Should I plan to organize an event or project for OneWebDay, September 22, 2010?

OneWebDay is your day.  While no one will stop you from organizing OneWebDay events, we need your active participation in this new phase.

Going forward, there is no central support for any future event or project using the “OneWebDay” brand.  We believe that OneWebDay values can be enacted best by working within the Drumbeat initiative.  We’re here to help you have powerful open web events any day of the year that works for you and your community.  We hope you will join Drumbeat!

Help! I’ve already begun to plan for OneWebDay 2010.  What should I do?

We apologize for any uncertainty or confusion this transition may cause any OneWebDay volunteer, as we value your many contributions to the effort over the years.  Please contact Nathaniel James as soon as possible to receive support and decide your next steps.

What will happen to and (the Ning site)?

We will keep the main site up and running to document OneWebDay’s history and link to the new Drumbeat projects and events.

We will also keep up the Ning site, but we will be changing its name.  Also, we will likely turn on the advertising option so that the site can remain free to use for as long as people need it.  You have built an impressive social network on  We hope you can continue to use this resource to share your work, find like-minded people all over the world, and self-organize your own collaborations.  If you would like to join a small administration team for the Ning site, please let us know.